Friday, 7 November 2014

Autumn Reading

We have a lot of children's picture books, they're one of my passions along with beautiful yarn and material, papers of every description and Japanese pottery. 

I love the season's too and so it made sense for us to have a seasonal library. A selection of books that come out to accompany the season they're suited to. This is our selection of autumn books in English and French...

Fall Book Rotraut Susanne Berner

    • Autumn (Rotraut Susanne Berner) This book has no words, (well just a few on the back) and is part of a seasonal series by the author. They depict the same town in the four seasons. You can see the same people and the same places but the activities vary. In this book everyone is taking their pumpkins to be judged at the fair and leaves fly all over the place. The littlest ones love it and we've made up lots of our stories about what's going on in the pages, it's a great conversation starter and a great book for spotting things.

    Tout sur l'automne

    • Tout sur l'Automne (Charline Picard et Clementine Sourdais) has answers to a lot of the questions my kids have about this season like why do the leaves fall off the trees and what do all the animals do when it starts to get cold? There are some lovely botanical illustrations as well as a funny cartoon series.

    Autumn [Board book] by Gerda Muller

    • Autumn (Gerda Muller), nothing to say just love love love Gerda Muller.

    • La fĂȘte de l'Automne de la famille souris (Kazuo Iwamura). We love this series and the autumn book is divine, full of the colours of the fall and the usual emphasis on a family having fun together surrounded by nature. The children love the mouse family and I like to imagine they'll remember these books fondly when they'll be all grown up.

    What autumn books do you and your family enjoy together? 

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