Tuesday, 10 February 2015

French Alps and Poetry

Holidays in the mountains are unlike holidays elsewhere at least in my case. Time seems to move more slowly and the fresh air and exercise doubles the effect of the break from routine. We are lucky to be in the French Alps just after a big snow which has transformed the world into a winter wonderland. And the weather is great too, crystal blue skies all day long and breathtaking star studded vistas at night.

The light is one of the things I find the most invigorating, the brightness of the glistening snow bouncing the sunlight back and forth across the landscape. And then the shade, deep and dark and cold, I love the contrast. Everything seems very crisp and clean. Light fascinates me and is a recurring subject in my writing. It rhythms are days, indeed our lives constantly and it is a constant source of inspiration and joy. I'm really pleased that a poem I wrote about hoping for light on a winter's day is a featured entry on a great writing site I really enjoy being a part of. The writing site is called Hour of Writes and you can read the poem here. There is a lot of great writing on the site - it's well worth spending a moment perusing it. 

The stars and the mountains are calling...

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