Thursday, 30 April 2015

Four of the Best Books about Spring

So following on on the previous autumn and winter posts, here are our favourite spring books. A bit late but here none the less. As you may remember these are books that only come out the time of the season to which they're attached and tend to have something more or less obvious to do with said season. Rotating these books has given them a special place in our family's reading as we look forward to their coming and treasure their time on our coffee table. They encourage us to look again at the season we find ourselves in and the special things it has to offer us and for that I am deeply grateful.

Fruhling (Eva Maria Ott-Heidmann)

The beautiful watercolour paintings delight me everytime, they seem to capture the springing up of spring - flowers, leaves, birds and beasts. There are no words but so much to see on each page that we find a different story each time we open the book. The delicate depictions of spring also inspire us to try new things in our own paintings.

Rechenka's Eggs (Patricia Polacco)

A good friend of ours introduced us to this book and it's been a firm favourite ever since. Patricia Polacco's illustrations are exquisite and the simple tale of generosity and workmanship a classic. It always encourages us to get egg decorating for Easter.

Pelle's New Suit (Elsa Beskow)

We love Elsa Beskow books, the stories are magical and gentle and her illustrations beautiful and fresh. We have quite a few and as so many of them have seasonal themes they tend to be on rotation. Pelle's new suit is the product of so much generosity, hard work, fair trading and creativity that it is an inspiration to all of us to look for these things in our own lives. And I love that it enables my children to see the process of turning a beloved sheep's gift of wool into clothing from the shearing to the sewing.

A New Beginning (Wendy Pfeffer and Linda Bleck)

A book about how the spring equinox has been and continues to be celebrated throughout the world. My children love hearing about all the fun things people do to welcome the renewal of life that is the promise of spring. Reading this reminds and encourages us to create our own spring traditions and seize every opportunity to celebrate the beauty all around us.

What do you read in spring time and what do you do to celebrate this lovely season?

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