Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hidden gems in my garden

Right now there are lots of secrets emerging in my garden - courgette flowers blossiming under huge green leaves, hortensia flowers slowly turning blue and pink, first tiny hard green tomatoes and tiny little apples budding on our tree. It is a time of discovery, hope and joy for us as we watch the beginnings of the food that we hope will blossom and grow so it can nourish us later on in the season. Very exciting. 

We are learning new things about the sexuality of flowers and the pollination needs of squash. And always more bugs and pests and how to keep them off our Pak Choi and salad. We are nervously preparing to leave our garden for a little while and crossing our fingers that it will be well taken care of and we'll come back to red tomatoes and a bumper crop of courgettes, cornichon and tomatoes.

And then there are the other little hidden gems, tiny droplets of rain hanging on the leaves after a thunderstorm, a snail snugly tucked into rose petals (damn that photo didn't work out) and little elves running in and out of the clover and the trees delighting in the summer sun. 

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