Friday, 27 January 2017

I'm very excited to share today that my poem Thirty Seven Degrees will be published tomorrow, the 29th of January, on the excellent Ink, Sweat and Tears site. Ink, Sweat and Tears is an online poetry and prose webzine edited by the talented writer Helen Ivory. I am delighted that this poem, first work shopped at the wonderful Ty Newydd writing centre in Wales found its first home here.

Thirty Seven Degrees is a poem about birth. It began life in response to a workshop prompt on memory. First came the space, our bedroom and then slowly the details emerged. The poem evolved from those humble beginnings as most writing does. In honour of it's real beginning at the home birth of my youngest daughter, Lotta, I'm sharing some pictures today of that special time.

Just born

So beautiful

Sleeping in the sling

Big sister's turn to carry

Bathtime with Papa

A loving big brother

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