Thursday, 15 February 2018

begin again

It's been a long time. There have been a fair few changes in our lives and just generally a lot of busyness. This blog fell by the wayside for a while as other projects took centre stage. I wasn't sure I'd come back here. And then I was looking through all my photos and thinking about the amazing time we've been having home educating this school year. It seemed to me there was still something worth sharing with you. And so I'm back with the intention of being here regularly again. I hope you'll be here too and enjoy a little insight into our daily lives.

For now here are a few photos to bring you up to date...

We now have 2 cats! Introducing... Ziggy

The little black guy was found in our garden by neighbours who were taking care of our lovely part Maine Coone beauty Oksa (named for Oksa Pollack the French Harry Potter). It's been a bumpy ride as he was malnourished and definitely not toilet trained. Adding a new member to any family, human or not, is never easy but he has reminded us what it is to watch a small thing grow into himself and for that we are all grateful.  Oksa is still not convinced taking him in was a good idea but she's slowly coming round...



It snowed in Brittany!

Snow covered garage

Oh so white!
And I mean for more than 2 minutes. We actually woke up to a white garden for the first time since we moved here. 

 We still spend as much time at the beach...

Amazing winter light

Birds, birds, birds

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