Friday, 26 September 2014

Big CIty Life

And so the time came round again already to head back up to the big city. Part of the deal when we told our kids we were moving to the sticks was to promise Maya our oldest child (8) that we would make regular trips back to the city to see her friends. Homeschooling is a minority affair here in France (estimated at around 30 0000 in 2012 and rising rapidly)so having friends to hang out with is really important. While we get to know people here in Brittany it seemed like a good idea to maintain the amazing network we have back in Paris. 

Maya quickly disappeared off to sleepover at friends, so we enjoyed the one on one child ratio that left over and headed to the amazing Cité des Sciences. We've been there many times before but this time without our oldes we were able to privilege the younger two and enjoy the 2-7 year old part of the Cité des Enfants. They had a ball with hard hats on the construction site and water in the j'experimente area.

More tomorrow about the rest of our adventures in the City of Lights.

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