Saturday, 27 September 2014

Big City Life II

On Monday, rejoined by Maya and our dear friends Kate and Mo we went down to les Berges sur Seine. This is a great place to go stroll by the river. The Seine is one of the things I love about Paris, it's peaceful and vibrant at the same time. An oasis of nature in the urban landscape and also a working waterway. For me it's the heart of the city, the water beating its lifeblood through the concrete and stone that surrounds it. And the Berges sur Seine is the icing on the cake, cafés, art installations, games tables, a climbing wall for kids, it's easy to idle away an afternoon.

Sambre's recycled wood installation was a highpoint for me. I love the forms and the overlapping and all the different colours and textures of wood. We all had an absolute blast at the Douche-sonore. With our tunes blasting out of the speakers the kids went wild with the gymnastic stunts while the mamas knitted a few rows, took a few pictures and occasionally joined in with the dancing.

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