Friday, 16 January 2015

Apple Print Bags

At last. After being unrealistic about how much free time I would really get around Christmas and away from home, I am finally back and determined to fulfil one of my New Year's intentions - to blog once a week. At least. 

So here's a beginning, photos of the finished apple bags that lay under the tree on Christmas morning for the kids to unwrap and delight in their finishedness and they were really pleased. I am so happy about where this simple bit of printing took us. From the banners that they just don't want me to take down because they make our living room look so homey to these lovely, unique and functional bags it's been a really fulfilling process. So here they are in order, Maya's (she really enjoyed pressing down hard with the apples, Lotta's and Noah's apple bags.

While I wasn't blooging ahem, we had a lovely time in England enjoying the quiet peacefulness of rural Leicestershire. FYI Lotta's hat is the Pointy Elf Hat from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts (ravelry) knitted by me and her sister, her gloves I knitted years ago for another child and all I remember is they're doubled to be really warm. Oh and because everyone always asks, the coat is from the lovely people at IE one of my favourite boutiques in Paris (ie). And Noah's beautiful green cardigan which goes so well with his car boot sale skinny jeans was made with love by his grandma, originally for his big cousin Isobel but getting a lot of wear from him now - it's like a hug from grandma he says happily everytime he puts it on. Now isn't that an incentive to keep knitting and making things yourself if ever you heard one!

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