Monday, 26 January 2015

Winter Reading : Our favourite Winter Books

Reading is a favourite passtime in the Winter. Rainy or cold days encourage nesting beside the fire or under the covers and we love to grab a stack of books and work our way through them. Here are some of our favourites from our Winter box.

Owl Moon (Jane Yolen, illustrated by John Schoenherr)We have read this many many times and I never stop feeling the wonder and awe that this simple story of bird watching inspires. I wish I could be the little girl, I wish I could be the dad, after reading this I wish I lived in a snowy paradise. Lovely.

Eventually The sharp angles and drab colours are vanquished entirely ...

Snow (Uri Shulevitz)This book artfully captures the wonder of snow for children and their will to believe. 'It's only a snowflake' says the grandfather. 'No snow' insists the radio, the television, but the boy sees more and 'Snowflakes don't listen to radio, snowflakes don't watch television'... The town and its inhabitants are transformed in this magical story.

Winter" - part of a series of illustrated board books about the ... 
 Winter (Gerda Muller)A delightful board book with no words just wintry pictures of children enjoying the season.
Lundi - Anne Herbauts

Lundi (Anne Herbauts) I love this Belgian author's poetic style and imagination. All her books and exquisitely illustrated and some of the most beautiful we own with their mix of collage, water colour and printing> The world they inhabit is marvellously 'farfelu' a French word for crazy, strange. Lundi is in French and has a fair bit of text. If you don't read French try Petite Météoroligies which has no text just delightful little windows to open or De Quelle Colour est le Vent


The Big Snow (Berta and Elmer Hader) We love books about animals and this is no exception. The line drawings and watercolour paintings are very realistic and pretty and we all love hearing about how the different birds and animals prepare for winter. When the Big Snow finally comes the little old couple's actions are heart warming and inspiring.


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