Monday, 18 May 2015

Inspirational Great Tits

We have a family of Great Tits in our bird box. As I'm writing, the window open next to me, I can hear the chicks cheeping noisily. They must be hungry again. It is unbelievable the amount of times the parents come and go to nourish them. They are tireless in their efforts to guarantee their babes survival and it is really inspiring. I mean I thought I spent my entire life feeding a brood but this takes it all to another level. 

I've always found birds inspiring, their song, their freedom, flight and now their tender care of their young. Now I know it doesn't perhaps do to assign to much of our own range of emotions to what can easily be labelled survival behavior in a bird but I honestly feel that in their tireless devotion to nourishment these little friends show as much loving care as we do in a lifetime for all out fine words and lofty ideals. At the end of the day nourishing our children is probably one of our most important jobs as parents, be it physically, emotionally, intellectually or otherwise. And these little birds, well these little birds remind me of that daily.

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