Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Going on in the Garden

As you can see, we have a new hammock up and it's the kids new favourite place. But when we're not swinging in the sun, planting seeds and plants or mowing the lawn, we're building. We had some tree work done a few weeks ago which means we have a lot of branches lying around all over the place. And aside from future firewood which needs cutting up and storing, this is also perfect fodder for shelter building. Our first attempt? A teepee.

The children and I spent the whole afternoon finding straight enough branches to make a support frame and then trimming up foliage to cover it. It was such a fun project. I love seeing the children work like this with passion and enthusiasm, tireless until the job is done. Really all I did was put the idea out there, help find the right sticks and make one suggestion about using the foliage from our Monterey Pine. And they ran with it. I love that. It's survived a whole day of rain and they were so proud to show it off to their grandparents. All in all an afternoon very well spent.

Elsewhere, those are butternut squashes beginning to poke their heads above the ground which is so exciting and we also have rocket, salad, pak choi, raddish, cucumber, cornichon, courgettes, carrots and tomatoes beginning to grow. It is very exciting to see life coming from something so small.


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