Thursday, 11 February 2016

Share the Love with Green Hearts this Valentines

I decided to get involved with the green hearts project after watching the beautiful and moving video the Coalition For Climate Change made for Valentine's Day this year. This project seemed a natural for me and the kids, we love craft, we love our beautiful green and blue planet and we love sending mail !

We began with this :

And then we got busy with scissors, paper and glue :

We ended up with this :

And this :

And in fact, all these :

Oh yeah and we also made some of these, inspired by Wee Folk Art's craft project too* :

I knew we would enjoy this but I was blown away by the frank and moving conversation we shared while we worked about taking care of our earth, loving our earth, understanding why other people might not feel that way. And of course, I was also overwhelmed not only by the quantity but by the amazing quality of the work produced. Some of these are going to be decorating our home, some are intended for our car windows in the hope they might kick off discussions with others and yet more are already winding their way to friends homes with a very special and a little different Valentines message this year.

If any of you joined in with this too we'd love to see your hearts and hear about how you made them ! We're already thinking about felting some too using cookie cutters. For the time being, here's are a few more of our paper creations…

 *Just a note to say that I didn't have any sticky back plastic so we used plastic folders (the kind you put documents in) and some thick plastic from a packet of paper. We stuck the frame and the translucent paper on with glue sticks and it dried transparent.

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