Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Homeschooling is living and breathing!

Lotta crafting

photo paper egg
Paper Egg
Easter was a quiet affair here. An egg hunt with the compass and a map, hot cross buns and a wee bit of crafting. Mostly we’ve just been enjoying the warm weather and spending a lot of time outside, gardening, playing, cycling. Oh yeah and creating a massive hurdle course for playing at being ponys! 

photo garden
Obstacles and Swings

Although it might see then that this has been a quiet time for homeschooling that is far from the truth. In so many ways our job as parents and educators is only to open their minds to possibilities and see where they take them. And to give them skill sets which will help them on their journey. In that sense learning is no more separable from living than breathing. And they are certainly doing a lot of that!

Photo Lilac
A home in the Lilacs

So I can breathe too, relax and know that all the imaginary play they are reveling in today is teaching them to use their imaginations to go beyond appearances, find creative solutions, redefine reality. I can see that knowing how to coax a seed into a seedling, taking the responsibility for watering plants, weeding, mulching – all this is giving them the tools to feed themselves and their families for the rest of their lives. And that exploring their passions and their interests fully is letting them evolve to be fully themselves, wonderful, unique beings that they are.

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