Saturday, 20 May 2017

Five Little Things : Boats

I love boats. I don't sail but somehow they still represent for me a certain escapism, a possibility of adventure, a je ne sais quoi...
And because I love boats I photograph them. And it's a collection just like our shell collection, or Noah's strange assortment of rusty metal bits or my china cats, I collect boats with my camera. 

Oban, Scotland 2016
Greece 2004

Jardins de Luxembourg, Maya's birthday 2009
Homemade walnut shell boats
Birttany 2008
All that thinking about boats got me writing a list poem about the words we have for boats. It's a very rough sketch, no idea where I'll go with it but it has lovely sounds. Here it is:

The language of boats

Sail boats and tall boats
canal boats and barges
bowsers, cokkleshells
coracles, crafts
cruisers and cutters
dwows, dredgers, drifters
dugouts and flagships
ferries and freighters
gondolas, hydrofoils
houseboats, icebreakers
kayaks and kanoes
life rafts and liners
paddle boats, pedalos
punts, rafts, sculls
shikaras, showboats
skiffs, smacks, tugs
tenders and tankers
trawlers and tubs
vessels and whalers
watercraft, yachts.

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