Sunday, 11 June 2017

Five Litte Things : Iris

The view through the Iris

There were  many wonderful things about our holiday home in the Ardeches; the magnificent view over the mountains, the wonderful art work in all the rooms, the swimming pool, the friendly neighbours and animals. But one of the things I enjoyed the most were the Iris. They were magnificent in hues of purple, magenta, grape and orchid through to amethyst, mauve and violet. And always that unexpected hint of yellow or cream. 

I spent a wonderful hour or so photographing them and found them to be fascinating flowers. And so poetic too, they take their name from the Greek goddess of rainbows Iris which is lovely and they have such a generous, sensual expressiveness to their form. Not to mention that their yellow 'beards' stand up like a Mohican along the backbone of their petals also called 'falls'. Absolutely stunning. I hope you'll like the photos. 

Photo Bearded Iris

Photo Graceful Iris

Photo, faded lilac Iris

Photo close up Iris

Photo Close Up Iris

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