Sunday, 25 June 2017

Five Little Things : On the Road

Often as you're driving places or when you stop overnight somewhere you stumble over little treasures and think wow, how lucky I am to have found something so beautiful here. This was the case for us a few weeks ago traveling home from friends in Bourgogne. 

We picked a village on our way, not too far from the motorway, just a place to stop overnight and break-up our journey. It was called Sainte Suzanne and while the "glampsite" turned out to be a little disappointing, the village was anything but. The cobblestoned roads, the soft evening sun, the haunting castle ruins, the clustering roses and the magnificent stained glass windows in the church. Here's what I managed to capture on film.

Photo roses Sainte Suzaane, France

Stained glass window Sainte Suzanne

Stained Glass Window Sainte Suzanne

Stained Glass Window Sainte Suzanne

Virgin Mary Sainte Suzanne

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