Friday, 31 March 2017


Birthday weeks are always busy ones. Blogging takes a back seat to cake making and present wrapping, card making etc. They're fairly simple affairs with the principle that the person who's birthday it is gets to steer the day. That is choose what we eat and what we do. So Frank chose homemade brioche for breakfast, lasagne for lunch, chocolate cake and then pancakes for tea. That was a lot of cooking especially as a second cake had to be made for the one of us that doesn't like chocolate cake (I know it's incredible some one doesn't like chocolate cake!).

He chose to play board games in the morning and head to the beach in the afternoon and we finished the day off with the very enjoyable Nim's Island.

Our cards are always homemade and that means an adult needs to make time to help out the kids, it's usually me except when it's my birthday. Sometimes they make presents too but not every time, it's up to them and this bit can be very last minute or something they work on weeks or even months in advance. I love handmade giving but I don't want it to be something they have to do rather something they love doing. And as with so many things in parenting, our actions speak louder than words.
So just a few photos today and the promise of good things to come ... some news on our spring activities, lino block printing and much more...

Frank - birthday at the beach

Collecting ii
King of Tokyo
Making the cake

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