Saturday, 11 March 2017

Five Little Things : Colour and Promise

Spring is in the air here, the primroses are blooming, the weeping willows have leaves, the first blossom is on the trees and the beautiful yellow bells of the daffodils are covering the verges. It's great. That and the fact that I'm poring over paint charts and decorating books has me thinking about colour a lot and that's the inspiration for today's five little things. Promise? Well that's what I feel like spring is full of, the promise of sunshine and warm days and more time outdoors. I love this season because on certain days, it really does feel like anything is possible in this life.

Photography blossom
Blossom on my knee

Photography daffodil
Drooping Daffodil

Photograph Hortensias
The Old Hortensias

Photography Rock Plants
Rock Plants

Photography series daffodils
Warhol Daffodils


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