Saturday, 4 March 2017

Five Little Things : Thinking about Photography

Back at the beginning of February I decided to begin a 52 week long photography challenge (link here). I take a lot of photos but have never taken a course or spent a lot of time thinking about how to take better photographs. In my last post I explained our approach to kids and photography and there haven't really been any differences in my own. Of course I've been finding it hard to stick to taking a photo a week. There's so much going on in our lives that this project was always going to be difficult to fit in. At the same time I still want to try and do this and so I thought why not just catch up when I can even if that means four or five photos in a row and perhaps sneaking the odd one or two in from the archives when I haven't had much time out with the camera. Here is the fruit of my labours for weeks two and three alongside some other pictures I either came across or took recently.
Week Two : Straight out of the Camera

#dogwood52, #dogwood2017

No photoshopping or editing was allowed. This is simply a close up of some seaweed on a beach in Iona. I love this shot for the colours and the strangeness.

Week Three : Land

#dogwood52, #dogwood2017

A landscape or something inspired by land. I take a lot of nature pictures, I like the colours and the sense of peace I find out there. The seashore is one of the most restorative places for me and I love how this picture feels like a soft caress of sunlight across the land.

Some non photography challenge shots...

Horse and Child
A beautiful close encounter

A little Photoshop work was required here to clean up the image. It was the fruit of quite a few shots.

Musée d'Art et Industrie St Etienne
Running to the Museum

I gave this photo a colour wash (Bazaar in google photos) to make Noah and the windows stand out more. I love this photo because it captured Noah's joy returning to St Etienne's Museum of Art and Industry where they have armor and weapons and bicycles!

Photo Door
Mysterious Door

I love a mysterious door and often photograph them. This one has seen some time I think and wears it proudly. I still don't know what's on the other side...

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